Some highlights of my life so far:

I often ask myself:

  • How to ensure that smarter robots will be beneficial to humans as a whole ?
  • How to ensure that income inequality won't increase as technology progresses ?
Take a look at "humans not need apply".
Robots that Learn

Domain randomization

OpenAI gym
OpenAI gym
Date Talk Location
Fall 2017 Robotics at OpenAI Keynote at Symposium on Robot Learning, UC Berkeley
Fall 2015 Blind spots in neural networks RE.WORK Deep Learning Summit
Summer 2014 Overview on Deep Learning NVIDIA, Pinterest
Summer 2014 Learning to Discover Efficient Mathematical Identities UC Berkeley
Fall 2014 Learning to manipulate symbols Max Planck Institute, Tubingen
Skydiving (+200 jumps, 7h in a wind tunnel)

scuba diving (~50 dives)

home-made hydrogen in a Latex glove